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Sand To You wants to provide the best customer service possible. At Sand To You we make getting estimates easy and the delivery of aggregrates even easier.

Sand To You also takes our environment into consideration. As we are all probably aware cars and trucks create pollution that affects our planet. Since Sand To You is in the business of using trucks to move material, we are well aware of the pollution we are causing. One of Sand To You's focuses is to decrease our footprint in the environment while increasing our customer service at affordable prices. These are the steps we are using to reduce Green House gases:

1) Recycling practically everything that can be recycled. From papers to metal to food scraps. Almost every piece of paper or cardboard is recycled or shredded.

2) Sending you a truck that is closest to your jobsite. We really, really try and avoid sending a truck from the other part of the city to your job (unless in certain circumstances). We have a large number of trucks working in different areas of your city so we will send you a truck that is closest to you. This will work to your advantage in 2 ways. Firstly it will cause less pollution getting to your jobsite which is the best choice for the environment. Secondly, the delivery charges will be lower because the truck does not need to travel a large distance.

3) We email out our invoices (whenever possible) and we request that invoices be emailed to us. This way we are using less paper and saving our precious trees.

4) When we need to go to a business meeting or we need to meet a customer, if public transportation is available to go to the location we will use it to get there.

5) If it is possible and feasible we will supply materials that have been recycled. This way leaving organic materials intact with our Mother Earth.

Our commitment to the environment and our customers is always on our mind!!