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If you don't need any material like sand, gravel, topsoil, etc. delivered to you, however you need to rent (hire) an empty dump truck to move around dirt or take dirt or concrete away you can order the trucks by completing the form below. You can hire from single dump trucks, dump trucks with a trailer or a slinger (stone thrower - to put the material exactly where you want it).

If you do need sand, gravel, topsoil or some other material delivered to you please select your location from the home page and proceed from there or contact us.

Select the type of truck you need:

Hire an empty dump truck.
Single Dump truck

Hire an empty dump truck and transfer trailer.
Dump truck and Transfer trailer

Hire an empty dump truck and pony trailer.
Dump truck and Pony trailer

Hire a slinger (stone thrower) truck.
Slinger (stone thrower) truck